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Margaret Boeneke

Senior Technical Writer at Mythic, Inc.

These classes are great if you are looking to speak French! Nathalie focuses on conversation and everyday interactions, which are *so* valuable when you are traveling. I have taken conversation classes with Live in French for about 6 months and the class has progressed perfectly with my level. It is always hard to find people to practice speaking with and these classes are a lifesaver. 

Retired Dermatologist.

I have studied french with Nathalie for about 2 years. She is a native speaker. More importantly she is intelligent, passionate, invested in one's progress and also a grammarian. Her sessions are very enjoyable and stimulating. I would recommend her for anyone who wants to learn the language. 

Gary Zelazny
Alex Labry

Professional Photographer, Artist, Author

Nathalie has a warm and, I believe, the proper instruction technique to learning how to to speak French. She understands that speaking French is very different than learning how to conjugate verbs!
   While in France a French person once told me that English was a good language for speaking but French was a better for writing because of its precision.  However, French people don't speak like they write. Therefore go to Nathalie to learn how to communicate.  Go to UT to learn how to write French.

Independent Writing and Editing Professional

II’ve been attending Nathalie’s Live in French conversational meetup group on and off for a couple of years as time allows.  I had NO French training whatsoever prior to beginning with Nathalie, but her patient, tactful, individualized approach to learning is never condescending or patronizing. Nathalie is a native French speaker, and not only does she provide practical instruction in the way the language is spoken, she also offers insights into French life and culture. While I certainly cannot say that I am anywhere close to being a fluent speaker, I can now definitely follow the gist of simple conversations and make myself rudimentally understood when my husband and I travel in France.  What’s more, the conversation group is fun; we talk about such a wide variety of subjects and under Nathalie’s skillful guidance, everyone gets a chance to participate. Many of the people in the group have become personal friends, and although serious learning occurs during the sessions, attending them is almost like getting together socially. I highly recommend Nathalie as a teacher to anyone, regardless of age or current level of French comprehension!

Suzanne Labry

Senior Attorney, manager of the Intellectual Property Section of the Office of General Counsel for UT 

I've been attending Nathalie's Advanced French Course (with grammar and homework) for nearly a year, and participate in conversation hours for the summer. Both types of groups are wonderful. We meet at Mozart's so the feel is always casual and friendly. I took the grammar course originally to maintain some momentum in french after a 6-week stay in Paris last spring (2016). The homework was really helpful to keep me engaged during the week -- not too much, just enough. Nathalie is extremely adept at keeping things moving, making corrections on the fly, explaining points of interest about spelling, vocabulary or grammar. We all have plenty of chances to talk and interact as neither class is too large (3-4 in the grammar course; 4-5 in the conversation group). Nathalie always makes us feel welcomed and included, whether we're just starting out or have been with the group awhile. We stick to french as much as possible, and she's patient and encouraging when we're struggling to say or understand something. All questions are welcomed, no matter whether we might feel it's "stupid" or silly.

In the advanced class, the emphasis is on how things are actually said in France, not strictly on how you might learn things from a textbook. This proves very useful when you're actually in France, because many times, what you hear others say is not textbook french! I've enjoyed the time in both courses immensely. I definitely recommend her courses to my friends who are learning french. It's very good value for the money, and a whole lot of fun. Nathalie is a jewel!

Georgia Harper

Health Coach and Proven Alliance/Sr. Channel Account Manager

If you have ever wanted to enjoy an hour of your time practicing French, then sign up for Live In French conversational group. It's a casual setting with a very friendly and helpful teacher. Maybe, the word for Nathalie is more of guide as she tries to help our conversational skills mature. Don't be hesitant to sign up, even if your French skills are rusty as mine were. I hadn't spoken French for 20 years and Nathalie and the group are very welcoming and accepting.

Investor and FI-Focused Real Estate Agent serving the Central Texas Markets

I recently move to Austin from the east coast, where was I previously being tutored in French by an amazing native speaker. I knew that I wanted to continue my French language studies but with more conversation and the opportunity to speak with other learners. I was more than satisfied with Live in French and Nathalie. She teaches an amazing advanced french conversation class. Her classes are small enough that everyone gets a chance to speak. I would definitely recommend you take a class with her whether you are new at french, need a refresher or just want to grow in your skills. She's a teacher at heart and she loves sharing her knowledge of the French language and growing up in France. I can't wait for the next session to start! Come join us!

Régine Nelson
Bill Kilgore


This is the very best French learning experience.  Live in French is lead by Nathalie who is a native French speaker.  She also speaks several other languages and so has a knowledge of grammar that transcends any one language.  Most of all I have found her adult conversation meet ups to be fun.  They are wide-ranging discussions in French of whatever topic is interesting to those in attendance.  Nathalie is aware of the language proficiency of each individual and makes sure each person has a chance to speak and understand what is said by others.  There is no pressure and beginners are made to feel welcome by the whole group.  The weekly meetings are highly motivational because one wishes to develop a basic level of communication skill with new friends in the group.  Nathalie can direct participants to other resources for developing proficiency in French.  So, join one of Nathalie's classes to learn French, to meet new people and to have fun.

Régine Nelson

Leslie Tucker




Le Conjugueur du Figaro

This is a wonderful resource for all your conjugation needs: enter the infinitive of any verb and see it conjugated in all tenses and modes in one organized place. We recommend you learn at least the present and the passé composé for each - for more tips and tricks on how to quickly learn how to conjugate verbs for conversation purposes, come and try out one of our programs.


Michael Mosser

Lecturer/Assistant Director, CES/IRG/GOV, The University of Texas at Austin

A year ago, we were looking for a French teacher to assist our middle school-age daughter to begin learning French before formal high school classes. We found Nathalie through a Google search, where these reviews helped to persuade us to give her a try. We signed our daughter up for beginner-level immersion classes, held once a week for two hours each Saturday.

Before the lessons even began, we were extremely impressed with Nathalie's communication and organization. Her business is run with professionalism that a full-fledged language school would be wise to emulate. Emails are sent on a regular basis informing the parents of what was to be expected. Forms were posted on her website (which itself is quite informative and well laid-out) and payment is handled in a number of different ways. All of this told us early on that we had made a good choice, but it remained to be seen whether our daughter's learning style and Nathalie's teaching style would mesh.

After the first lesson, it became clear that our worries were unfounded. Our daughter bounced out of the lesson declaring that she loved learning French, loved the setup of classes, and especially loved the way Madame Nathalie taught the language via immediate conversation and learning games. Moreover, the group is small and not at all like a classroom setting, so that our daughter is learning conversation in a natural manner. We feel that this will only benefit her when paired with the traditional learning model of grammar and textbook work in her AISD French class.

We have been with Nathalie for one year now; a fall semester, spring semester, and most of this summer. Our daughter has never lost her love of the language and even asked for one of the language games (Kloo) for a birthday present so that we can all practice our French at home in the same enjoyable manner as in her weekly lessons. School, and traditional language instruction, begins in a few weeks, but we're keeping our daughter in Saturday classes for as long as she wants to be there. Nathalie's approach is exactly right, in our opinion. Her prices are eminently reasonable for the quality of the instruction, and the facility (her home in the Hill Country) is a fine locale for this kind of instruction.

I cannot say enough good things about Nathalie and Live in French! -I encourage anyone who's been thinking about taking French lessons but has been scared off either by bad experiences in school or just plain anxiety about language learning to give her approach a try. It's been a spectacular success for our daughter.

Director of Research and Development at Alafair Biosciences.

My boys (now 9 and 10) started with Live in French 3 years ago, attending every Saturday year-round. They had previously been in a French immersion program (~age 2-6). As the boys have matured, Nathalie has met them at every stage, continuing exposure to native French, conversation, games, cooking, you name it - all the elements of the French culture beyond language. Because we all know - it is so much more than that. My children can hold hour-long conversations with my mom (French-speaking) and other French friends. As our oldest son is about to embark upon middle school and he is already well beyond his peers for foreign language credits! Both my boys have an easy time with required Spanish classes in school, because of the exposure to French at such a young age. I truly can't say enough about how much we appreciate and love Live in French. Nathalie is patient and kind and yet persistent enough to motivate even the resistant kiddos to learn and enjoy French! The boys both respond really well, and our youngest is not the easiest little kid. Thank you Live in French, thank you Nathalie: you are family and we all love you!

Sarah Mayes
Meredith Davenport

Wimberly Montessori School Mom 

Both of my children had a wonderful time in Nathalie’s summer camp and were eager to share all of the activities of each day with me at pick-up (including newly learned French phrases and words). 

My daughter had been learning French with an online program (neither of her parents speak or understand French). The summer camp really made the language come alive for her in a lovely way and fueled her desire to learn more about the language and culture of France.

Despite my son’s resistance to learning languages, he so enjoyed all of the activities at the camp that he seemed to forget that he was also learning French in the process. 


Both of my children flourished under Nathalie’s guidance. She is patient and gentle as she prompts the correct pronunciation of various French words and phrases. 

Nathalie also has a lovely and energetic presence which my children both thoroughly enjoyed - she simply made learning fun!


This is a wonderful camp and a great introduction to the French language and culture . . . I would highly recommend this camp as an educational and fun summer activity.