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At Live In French, we understand that authentic, informal conversation in a foreign language is an experience fundamentally different from reading or writing in that language. To us, it is a social experience by nature that cannot be properly emulated with big groups or in a traditional classroom environment. 

Our small group conversation programs have been carefully designed to foster comfortable, natural speaking and to attain native-like fluency within an authentic cultural context, in a way that non-native speakers and most methods simply cannot achieve on their own.

In our Conversation Class, we follow structured lesson plans for incremental but fast progress, and use conversation rules of thumbs and shortcuts in all our programs to get you speaking naturally and confidently almost instantly, progressively working the proper grammar and sentence structure in. Our Conversation Meetups are more informal and convivial, providing guided support wherever the conversation goes.


Our goal is not to make linguists out of you: it is to give you the tools you need to express yourself comfortably in social situations and every day conversations with native speakers of French; and to empower you to speak French naturally, without stress!

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Small Group French Conversation Classes

Effective Cost Per Hour $30

Effective Cost Per Hour $30

Effective Cost Per Hour $30

These  are Semi-Private Classes, with a maximum of 5 students, specifically designed to provide a structured and efficient approach to language learning, with guided lessons, audio-labs, at-home practice and lots of conversation practice.
The low number of participants offers a carefully crafted balance between a customized approach with maximum of practice opportunity; and a heightened motivation in language learning by creating group synergy and friendships that often extend beyond class time.
Each session is comprised of 13 weekly 2-hr classes (about 3 months), offered on a rolling basis throughout the year.
The Small Group French Conversation Classes offer 3 levels as follows: 

For students new to the language and those who need a refresher. 

We start by teaching you how to read in French for proper pronunciation. We then focus on  basic sentence structure, vocabulary and expressions; and how to communicate fairly comfortably with native speakers. We introduce basic future and past structures to quickly allow for more natural conversations.
Lesson materials are provided for each module (Lessons, Readings and Audio-Books, Workbook, Audio-labs, Quizlet, etc.):

  • Module 1: greeting people, counting and describing your week, talking about yourself and your schedule, basic communication

  • Module 2: describing people, personalities, university and studies

  • Module 3: saying what you like to do, how you spend your time, ask about someone's day, going to the café

  • Module 4: talking about where you live, your possessions, describing your house/room, give your address and contact info

  • Module 5: describing your family, your free time, directions, and discussing the future.




For students with 1 or 2 years of language experience minimum.

We reinforce basic conversation skills and move on to more advanced sentence structure, vocabulary and expressions; as well as how to converse more comfortably and fluently with native speakers, whether in the present, the past or the future.

Lesson materials are provided for each module (Lessons, Readings and Audio-Books, Workbook, Audio-labs, Quizlet, etc.):

  • Module 1: discuss the past (where and what you did or used to do), weather and activities, wearing and buying clothes

  • Module 2: inviting someone out, discussing present and past activities, narrating in the past

  • Module 3: describing your routine, relationships, traits and characteristics, past habits

  • Module 4: ordering at the restaurant, buying food, meals and lifestyle

  • Module 5: describing your family, your free time, directions, and discussing the future.


For students with 2+ years of language experience minimum looking for a challenging, more intense language experience in order to grow their grammar and expression skills. Focus is on advanced conversation and common expressions, including commonly used slang, as well as other commonly used forms of speech (such as conditional, subjonctive and passive). We also actively train the students in the fluent use of contractions and other advanced conversation techniques to more closely emulate native speakers.

Lesson materials are also provided (Lesson, Readings, Practice Exercices, Audio files, etc.) 


Conversation Only Meetups

Effective Cost Per Hour = $15

These  are small casual conversation groups, with a maximum of 8 participating students. 
Perfect for busy people who still want to practice their French on a regular basis, each meetup is specifically designed to foster a fluid , natural approach to conversation; while providing gentle support and guidance for a more efficient progress. No homework is assigned, keeping time commitment to a minimum.   
Topics vary based on the group's interest, although we strive to practice speaking in the past, present and future each week. Participants meet for 1hr (and may audit in the other level at the same location for up to 2hrs at no extra cost) once a week. Everyone is welcome to join at any time during the year (the chosen session tuition is pro-rated accordingly). 

Nothing will help you more with your conversation skills than actually using them consistently every week with a native speaker trained to help you put your knowledge in practice the correct way. We therefore highly recommend this meetup as additional practice for our Small Group Conversation Classes, or on its own for those who just want to practice their conversation skills with friends (students registered in one of our Small Group Classes get a $50  discount when registering for a Conversation Only Meetup in addition to their class).

The Conversation Only Meetups offer 2 levels as follows: 
  • Level 1 = BEGINNER to INTERMEDIATE - Complete beginners and intermediate speakers of various levels are given priority

  • Level 2 = INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED - Intermediate speakers of various levels nd advanced/fluent speakers are given priority

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