A fully bilingual, charismatic native speaker of French, Nathalie was born and raised in France and francophone Africa; and moved to the US in 1995.

A true polyglot, she is also fluent in Spanish, conversational in Madarin Chinese, understands Italian, and has survival skills in Russian, German and Greek. Learning multiple languages has given her an understanding of grammar that transcends any one language and allows her to provide concise and clear explanations. Her passion for languages, her extensive experience teaching them, and her philosophy, make her an expert on Best Language Learning Practices and a very efficient mentor.

She holds an MBA from The Ohio State University. She is also an experienced English-to-French translator, and has been tutoring and teaching French as a Second Language (FSL) for 21 years, helping many students on their way toward proficiency in French. Her unusual knowledge of both the French and English language and grammar allows her to teach French from your perspective; and simplify difficult concepts for faster learning.

On the side, Nathalie is an avid cook, gardener, beekeeper, and swimmer; and rides motorcycles for fun.  Full of passion and an educator at heart, she loves life and people of all backgrounds and created Live In French in 2010 to help English Speakers improve their conversation skills in French.


Welcome to our French Conversation Programs!

So you want to learn how to speak French, and wonder why you should attend one of our programs for Adults or Children?


Well, probably because our reviews say it all, but also because....

  • You have taken a few hours, a few months or even a few years of French in traditional classrooms, or have studied it yourself with books or CD methods, only to find out you cannot easily express yourself on the subjects that matter most to you in an everyday conversation or without sounding uncomfortable or unnaturally formal. 

  • You are new to learning French, or to language learning in general, but want to have fun learning the language in a small, convivial group and be able to quickly participate in fluid conversations with native speakers; maybe because you aspire to travel to one of many French speaking regions in the future; or just so you can have meaningful discussions with your French speaking friends or relatives. 


  • You want to boost your children's (or your) brain functionality so they can improve their mastery of English and Mathematics and increase their level of very sought-after creativity; or you recognize that knowing Spanish as a second language is no longer enough to stand out on a college applications or with recruiters.


  • You want a Native Speaker as a teacher to learn with the proper accent and common expressions, but also to learn about the culture from someone who actually grew up in France and experienced the French culture and traditions from all their facets. And you want to learn with a Native Speaker who has an extensive knowledge of grammar and Best Language Learning Practices but can a also teach you from the perspective of an English speaker, helping you were you need it the most.

  • You want continuity and authenticity in your Program and are tired of a constant turnover of teachers or non-native speakers teaching you how to speak French.

Whatever your reason for wanting to learn French Conversation, whether you are a complete beginner, or have taken French for years but still feel uncomfortable speaking it, Live in French will progressively and efficiently immerse you in the French language and France's rich cultural traditions through fun, interactive yet instructional modules, so that you can develop great confidence speaking and finally become really conversational. We teach all our programs in an intimate, customized environment rich with context that is relevant to you: come today to "Live in French" with a trained native and fully bilingual  teacher, and feel comfortable speaking the language from Day 1! 

For all those reasons and so much more, we hope you try one of our Conversation Programs and see for yourself why our customers are so happy,


Nathalie Misserey,
​Director and Instructor